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Weather forecasts for the Etna area


Are you planning to visit Etna in the near future? Since Etna is a fairly tall mountain (its present summit height is more than 3300 m), there is much snow during the winter, and even during the summer months one may encounter very low temperatures in the summit area, and weather conditions may change very rapidly during all periods of the year. Whoever plans to go to the summit should be aware of this and check regional and local weather forecasts. There are various on-line services offering weather forecasts for the Etnean region which are listed below. N.B. Some of the pages produce pop-up windows, which are indicated in the list.

The Yahoo weather forecast for Catania for today and the next four days
(Attention: pop-ups):
in English - in Italian - in German - in French.

Weather forecast for Catania (in Italian) by Virgilio.

  Weather forecast for Catania (in Italian, English version is also available) by (Attention: pop-ups).

Weather forecast for Catania (in Italian) by Corriere della Sera.

Weather forecasts for Sicily (in Italian) by Meteosicilia.

Weather forecast for Southern Italy and Sicily by Meteo.It (in Italian).

  Weather forecast for Catania by Accuweather. (Attention: pop-ups).

Satellite image of Central Europe from sunba2, Bari (see also the full weather page at sunba2).

A big satellite image of Italy with much detail is available at the Naval European Meteorology and Oceanography Center (NEMOC) web site.

Various Meteosat images of southern Europe from the Dundee Satellite Receiving Station.

  Current satellite image of the Etna region by the Space Science and Engineering Center, part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Graduate School.

Satellite images of Europe during the past 24 hours by Accuweather at The Washington Post.

Satellite motion picture (mpeg file) of the past 9 hours from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

Meteosat motion picture of the past 9 hours from the University of Ulm, Germany (click on "D2" under "Infrared Movies") - large animated gif image, takes time to load.

European weather: satellite images, movies, and forecasts from Météo-France, based on Meteosat imagery. If you are able to understand the French language, this site will give you a surprising amount of information.

To see how the weather at Etna's summit is NOW, connect to the new
Etna live-Cam (click on "Etna Webcam" in left frame) maintained by the
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (Sezione di Catania).

Note that the camera is mounted at the village of Milo on the ESE flank of Etna (770 m elevation - see map). The view shows the steep, regular cone of the Southeast Crater at left (above the tree), the Bocca Nuova lies behind it, the Voragine slightly to the right of it, and the broad crater at right is the Northeast Crater. This camera was installed after the destruction during the 2001 eruption of the earlier one that was mounted on the Montagnola cone on the southern flank of Etna.


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