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Roccamonfina volcano, Italy

volcano number: 0101-... (according to Volcanoes of the World, 1994 edition)

summit elevation: .... m (Monte Santacroce)

location: XXXXX°N, XXXXX°E

Note: information will appear here soon!!!

Lying somewhat far away from classical tourist areas, Roccamonfina, south of the town of Cassino, is being visited much less than the historically active volcanoes around Napoli. It is, however, being vigorously studied geologically. This view, taken in March 1993, shows the volcano from the W (near Sessa Aurunca). The caldera wall with its highest point on the left side is well distinguishable, the post-caldera lava dome of Monte Santacroce looming above it. Roccamonfina has been the site of several large-volume, ignimbrite-forning eruptions. More info soon.

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