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Aerial view of Ustica

Aerial view of the island of Ustica from the east, showing its volcanic peaks and the main settlement. Photo has been "borrowed" from the web site of the Centro per la Ricerca Elettronica in Sicilia (CRES)

Ustica volcanic island, Italy (page is under construction)

volcano number: none (not catalogued)

summit elevation: XXX m

location: XX.XXX�N, XX.XXX�E




Ustica is a small volcanic island of Pleistocene age off the NW coast of Sicily. Politically it belongs to the Province of Palermo. Geologically it has often been linked to the Aeolian islands in the past, but
studies made in the past few decades indicate that Ustica does not form part of the probably subduction-related arc of the Aeolian volcanic islands. Instead, it lies on the crest of the fold-and-thrust belt of the Maghrebian-Appenninic chain which runs across northern Sicily, and Calabria before bending NNW-wards along the Italian peninsula. A synthesis of geological studies carried out during the late 1960s has been presented by Romano and Sturiale (1971).


Romano, R. and Sturiale, C. (1971) L'isola di Ustica. Studio geo-vulcanologico e magmatologico. Rivista Mineraria Siciliana, 22 (Nos. 127-129): 3-61.

Web sites - a web site with many instructive photographs, maps and descriptions of the island and its people

Photos of Ustica on the web site of the Centro per la Ricerca Elettronica in Sicilia (CRES)

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