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Stromboli On-line
An educational website by Jürg Alean and Roberto Carniel presenting intoductory information (in three languages, English, Italian and German) about Stromboli, its activity and surveillance. The site has also brilliant photos and movie clips of Etna. A few other volcanoes are featured as well.

Italy's Volcanoes: The Cradle of Volcanology (this site)
This site features all major Quaternary volcanic areas in Italy. Etna, Europe's largest and most active volcano is the highlight of the site, with extensive information about the geological evolution, eruptions and current activity of the volcano. (Almost) everything that has ever been posted on the site can be found on the site map.

Explore Italian volcanoes
A web site by Roberto Scandone and Lisetta Giacomelli, mainly dedicated to the volcanoes near Naples (Vesuvio, Campi Flegrei, Ischia and Ventotene). An Italian version is also available, which features an extra section with virtual field trips to Stromboli and Etna.


Poseidon monitoring network
The geophysical and visual monitoring of Etna is now being carried out in the framework of this structure. This web site is presently available in Italian only and presents general information about its structure and goals. The live-cam of Etna has been moved to this site; the initial problems related to heavy loading with Java scripts have been solved, but the images (which are now in .gif format) are often destroyed during transmission. On the other hand, the site offers weekly updates (as PDF files) on the activity of Etna and other Sicilian volcanoes.

Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia, Catania
This is the web site of the institute that has until recently been in charge of monitoring Etna and other Sicilian volcanoes, and is financed by the Italian National Research Council (C.N.R.). It has now been transformed in part of the Italian "National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology". The site has general info about Sicily's volcanoes and the monitoring of these volcanoes. Note: the Etna telecamera has been taken away from this site and moved to the new site of the Poseidon monitoring network (see previous link).

The Etna pages of Stromboli On-line
An incredibly rich resource with photos and awesome video clips. Among the highlights are the video clips taken in mid-July 1998 when activity at the Voragine was intense, heralding the powerful 22 July 1998 paroxysm at that crater. The pages are available in English, Italian and German language.

The Etna pages of VolcanoWorld
Information provided by one of the major volcano web sites. Besides general info you can find lots of images (including some spectacular views from space), updates and video clips.

The Etna pages of the Global Volcanism Network
Reports about the activity of Etna published in the Global Volcanism Network Bulletin since February 1996.

Etna: a web site made by S. Caffo and S. Pannucci
Introduction to the geology of Etna, its eruptive history, its
various types of eruption, eruptive centers, and products. In Italian language.

Etnaland, by Sandro Surrentino D'Afflitto
A nice web site with unique aerial photos of Etna (showing also the lava flows near the SE Crater in February 1999), and a page dedicated to the city of Catania.

Etna, volcan sicilien, by Charles Rivière
Charles Rivière frequently visits the volcano to photograph and film the activity, and to take samples. His web site provides numerous photo galleries documenting the activity and morphological changes caused by it since 1998. An English version is also available.

The Etna page of Alain Catté
A great web page (in French language) by the founder of the Association Volcanologique Européenne (LAVE), Paris. This page has many photos of Etna's eruptions in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1991-1993 and 1996-1998

Etna photos by Geoff Macklay
Two shots taken during our visit (I accompanied Geoff to various places on and around Etna) to the summit on 22 June 1998
. There are also spectacular images of other volcanoes on Geoff's web site.

"Etna passionately, day after day"
A web site set up by Jean-Louis Piette and his colleagues (Belgium), with images and impressions of visits to the volcano in September 1997 and April 1998 (the latter page is available only in French).

Volcanoes in 3-D by Alain Melchior
Three-dimensional images of various volcanoes, including Etna.

Etna in eruption
Images of Etna, and a list (ending in 1979) of Etnean eruptions, in Italian.

Etna photos by Pascal Blondé
Photos and a report of a visit in the summer of 1992 (in French). Note that the caption saying "Le cratère Sud-Est" (second photo) should say "Bocca Nuova".

Etna Speleology: Volcanic caves on Etna
A web site (in Italian language) dedicated to the numerous caves (mostly lava tubes) on the volcano, provided by the Etna section of the Italian Club of Alpinism (Club Alpino Italiano - Sezione dell'Etna).

Etna: the volcano and its nature
An informative, naturalistically oriented web site (in Italian) provided by the Province of Catania, with information on the eruptive activityof the volcano, its flora and fauna, and human influence on the Etnean environment.

Etna eruption photos, 1971 and 1974
Italian language web page in the framework of a site dedicated to naturalistic and anthropological aspects of the Etnean region, at the Università di Catania.

The Rifugio Citelli (NE flankf of Etna) web site
Some informations about excursions in what may be the most beautiful area on Etna, the northern and northeastern flank, and about the nice mountain hut (rifugio) Citelli.

The official web site of the Etna Natural Park
General informations (in Italian) about the protected area of Etna's upper slopes, with its landscapes, vegetation, fauna, and tips for excursions and accommodation.


Roberto Carniel's Stromboli WWW pages
The first of all Stromboli-related WWW sites, giving information about activity (mostly seismic) of Stromboli that is updated every few days.
Take a look the Seismicity of Stromboli up to just a few days ago! Seismicity of 1995 is also available.

Volcano World (Stromboli page)
In the Virtual World of Volcanoes, Stromboli features with nice 1993 images.
The site also contains a page with four Stromboli movies.
You can furthermore find information and images of Lipari and Vulcanello, Etna and Vesuvio.

Stromboli on The Volcanic Homepage of Jon Dehn
Page 1 and Page 2


Osservatorio Vesuviano
The prime information source about Vesuvio and other volcanoes in Campania comes from this web site, maintained by the first ever volcano observatory worldwide to be established (in 1841). This site is presently only available in Italian, but an English version is in preparation. You can find here information about the volcanoes Vesuvio, Campi Flegrei, Ischia and others, with the latest on geophysical monitoring and (if any) activity.

The Vesuvio pages of VolcanoWorld
Volcano World has prepared a very instructive page with lots of beautiful photos and some general info.

The main eruptions of Vesuvio
Marino Grimaldi of the Dipartimento di Geofisica e Vulcanologia at Napoli University has prepared a beautiful homepage with many historical images of Vesuvio in eruption - many more than you can find on this site!

Vesuvio in arts, history and science
"The Marketplace", an Italian network provider, has an interesting web site (in Italian) about the volcano, its eruptions, its victims, and its role in human society. Includes satellite images and an extensive link collection.

Vesuvius: The Making of a Catastrophe
by Flavio Dobran deals with the highly controversial issure of eruption prediction, public information, disaster preparedness, and volcanic crisis management at Vesuvio.


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