Italy's Volcanoes: The Cradle of Volcanology

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The 1980-1981 summit activity

An episode of vigorous lava fountaining from the Southeast Crater in May 1980, photographed by Giuseppe Scarpinati. The crater resumed its eruptive activity after about seven months of relative quiet, following its impressive activity during the August 1979 eruptions. The activity in 1980, however, did not culminate in a flank eruption.

SE Crater, May 1980
Voragine in 1980

At about the same time the SE Crater resumed its activity in the spring of 1980, very intense eruptive activity occurred within the Voragine, and the crater was filled with lava to within 25 m of its eastern rim. This photo, taken by Giuseppe Scarpinati a few months later, shows the flat floor of the Voragine as seen from the flank of the adjacent Northeast Crater, and a deep notch eaten into the southern crater rim by the expanding Bocca Nuova, which lies behind the peak at right.

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