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The 1985 S flank eruption

Photos of the 1985 eruption

1985 eruption

Like the 1983 eruption, which occurred in almost the same area, the 1985 eruption on the S flank of Etna was mainly effusive, with only very minor explosive activity, which lead to the building of a new cluster of spectacular hornitos. At the same time the 1983 hornitos were buried by lava from the new eruption. These photos, taken by Giuseppe Scarpinati about two months after the beginning of the eruption, in May 1985, show a sylight in the roof of a lava tube with the hornitos in the background (left) and a closeup of some of the still-incandescent vents on the hornitos

1985 eruption
1985 eruption 1985 eruption 1985 eruption

Photos taken by Giuseppe Scarpinati in May 1985 at the vents and lava flows of the 1985 eruption on the S flank of Etna.
Left: The main group of hornitos formed early in the eruption, immediately above the "Piccolo Rifugio", a mountain hut that had already been damaged during the 1983 eruption
Center: Main lava flow tube and channel leading southwards from the cluster of hornitos
Right: Main lava flow channel at sunset, again with the hornitos in the background

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