Travelling in the Isole Eolie
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  • Getting there
  • Where to stay?

    This page will contain information about how to get to the Eolian Islands, where to find places to stay, and how to move from one island to another. You will also find some important contact addresses and fax numbers (e-mail still is not very widespread in this ambient).

  • Getting there

    Access to the islands is via ferry ship (traghetto, plur.=traghetti) or hydrofoil (aliscafo, plur.=aliscafi). Ferry ships are maintained by the company "Siremar"; aliscafi are both run by the "Siremar" and another company named "SNAV" (addresses, phone and fax numbers below).

    The islands can be reached from Napoli (Naples), Messina, and Milazzo.

    Siremar is one of the companies which maintains hydrofoils and ferry ships to the Eolian Islands, the second important company is SNAV. Both have web sites with the current schedules and price lists.
    The schedules of Siremar and another company, N.G.I., can be found on a page maintained by "InforMessina", but it is not clear if that page is up-to-date.


    Siremar ship agency

  • Napoli: (+39) 81-7201297
  • Lipari: (+39) 90-9880170
  • Milazzo: (+39) 90-9283243

    Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo (travel info center) at Lipari: (+39) 90-9811190

  • If you prefer the more expensive places, The WindNet Guides presents a number of hotels on the Eolian Islands and offers you reservation via e-mail.

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