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Other Etna web sites

There are numerous web sites that deal in some way with Etna, and with the eruptions of 2001 and 2002 their number is growing rapidly. Some are more scientifically oriented while others are focused on tourism, and many simply present a personal perspective on the volcano and its activity. The following list, while being far from complete, should serve as a starting point to Etna information on the WWW.

This was once a little site created by Andrea Fiore, one of those few people in Catania who love the volcano not simply as a scenic background to the city, but also CLIMB it. Then it became bigger and bigger, and now it is actually the server which hosts THIS site (which is, "Italy's Volcanoes: The Cradle of Volcanology"). But is more than this. Andrea has his own section with countless photographs from numerous photographers, including himself, videos and news. And, last but least, there are the Italian versions of most of the pages of "Italy's Volcanoes".

Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - Sezione di Catania

The geophysical and visual monitoring of Etna as well as basic research are now being carried out in the framework of this structure. Information on this site is much improved compared to previous years (and its predecessors, the Poseidon and IIV sites) and includes frequent information bulletins concerning the activity of the Sicilian volcanoes (most of them, however, are in Italian). The live-cam of Etna has been moved to this site and stored telecamera images of the previous 2 days are also available.

The Etna web cams of Hotel Corsaro

Not satisfied with the live-cam of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia? Then this is the place to go: Besides a link to the mentioned INGV web cam, it offers two links to streaming video of the volcano (a distant but complete view at Piano Tavola, on the lower southern flank, and a closer view from the roof of the Hotel Corsaro) and a further link to a web-cam placed at Riposto, on the lower eastern flank. These web-cams are all active at the time of the October-November 2002 eruption (checked on 15 November) but might be disactivated one the eruption ends.

The Etna pages of Stromboli On-line

Fully re-designed in October-November 2002, this is an incredibly rich resource with photos and awesome video clips. It contains three main sectors: Photos and video clips of eruptions, The mountain and Man, and News. The pages are available in English, Italian and German language. Among the highlights are the photo pages, mostly with photography by genius Marco Fulle.

Tom Pfeiffer's "

A good friend of (and therefore not in competition with) Marco Fulle's, Tom Pfeiffer has developed his own artistic capacities in photography and created dramatic portraits of Etna's recent eruptions.

Etna Volcan Sicilien, by Charles Rivière

The living observatory of eruptive activity at Etna. Whenever something moves at this volcano, Charles is there, much more than myself. Good thing he loves to share his experiences at Etna with the outside world, and thus this site is rich in frequent, timely updates, often with awesome photographs.

The Etna pages of VolcanoWorld

Information provided by one of the major volcano web sites. Besides general info you can find lots of images (including some spectacular views from space), updates and video clips.

"From Etna to Stromboli" by Thorsten Boeckel

Although this site is not fully dedicated to Etna, it has several pages dealing with this volcano, and most notably with its activity in 2001 and 2002. Thorsten is yet another of these people who have acquired a great degree of artistry in their photography, and this evolution can be neatly followed starting from the Etna in 1991-1999 page through the one dedicated to the 2002 eruption. Furthermore his photographs are garnished with personal accounts on his experiences at Etna, which reflect much of what all of us who visit the volcano frequently experience, but have replaced by a more pragmatic style of reporting...

The Etna pages of the Global Volcanism Network

Fully re-designed in the summer of 2002, with a complete list of eruptions and eruption parameters, and reports published in the Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network.

The Etna page of Alain Catté

A great web page by the founder of the Association Volcanologique Européenne (LAVE), Paris. This page has many photos of Etna's eruptions in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1991-1993, the 1995-2001 summit eruptions, and the 2001 flank eruption. by Simone Genovese

Another site that started much like Andrea Fiore's and is growing vigorously, boosted by the 2001 and 2002 eruptions of Etna. It contains numerous photographs and a rapidly growing collection of video clips, especially of the 2002 eruption.

Malosito/Geoarchive by Marco Busetta

Somewhat similar in content and mission to, this site offers photographs and video clips of recent eruptions of Etna, including those of 2001 and 2002. But my favorite is a video clip of the powerful paroxysm at the Voragine (one of Etna's summit craters) on 22 July 1998 (accelerated for web space reasons).

Etna photos by Geoff Macklay

This site has grown substantially since first posted in 1998 and now contains photos of Etna's eruptions in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. There are also spectacular images of other volcanoes on Geoff's web site.

"Etna passionately, day after day"

A web site set up by Jean-Louis Piette and his colleagues (Belgium), with images and impressions of various visits to the volcano.

Etna in eruption

Images of Etna, and a list (ending in 1979, for unknown reasons) of Etnean eruptions, in Italian.

Etna Speleology: Volcanic caves on Etna

A web site (in Italian language) dedicated to the numerous caves (mostly lava tubes) on the volcano, provided by the Etna section of the Italian Club of Alpinism (Club Alpino Italiano - Sezione dell'Etna).

Etna eruption photos, 1971 and 1974

Italian language web page in the framework of a site dedicated to naturalistic and antrhopological aspects of the Etnean region, at the Universit´┐Ż di Catania.

The official web site of the Etna Natural Park

General information about the protected area of Etna's upper slopes, with its landscapes, vegetation, fauna, and tips for excursions and accommodation. No updates on recent eruptive activity.



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