Italy's Volcanoes: The Cradle of Volcanology

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The 1984 summit activity (including a SE Crater eruption)

Photos of the 1984 summit activity
Photographer: Giuseppe Scarpinati, Acireale
Bocca Nuova, 1984 Bocca Nuova, 1984
Bocca Nuova, 1984 Bocca Nuova, 1984

Four views of the Bocca Nuova at an unspecified date in 1984 (possibly March or April). Eruptive activity is occurring at up to four vents on the crater floor, presenting an entertaining spectacle of various types of emissions - white vapor-rich gas, ash plumes, and Strombolian bursts. A complex pyroclastic cone is building around the vents

SE Crater, July 1984 Bocca Nuova, July 1984

The Southeast Crater undergoes a long-lived mild Strombolian-effusive eruption between late April and mid-October 1984. The photo at left shows lava flowing through a channel at the base of the new cone growing within the crater in July 1984. Dense ash emission from the Bocca Nuova is seen in the right photo, taken in July 1984 as well, with a group of tourists in the foreground. This view is from the NW

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