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Italy's Volcanoes is back !!! Well, you will not find any new updates on volcanic activity here (for this you have to visit the web site of the Osservatorio Etneo (Catania section) of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia), but you will find the site very much as it was since I put it into a state of hibernation in the spring of 2005. This includes a lot of information on all major Italian volcanoes and volcanic areas, (old) updates on the activity, especially of Etna, up to 2004, and photographs, though these are also a bit obsolete for today's standards. I will update just a few bits - like the current summit height of Etna, which we know to be currently 3329.6 m, and update the list of Etna's eruptions. All the rest is the original version of this site, unmanicured, without any make-up, plastic surgery and fakes. Enjoy!

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Boris Behncke, October 2012 (courtesy of Erin Peterson)

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(photo at left: Boris Behncke on Etna, 19 October 2012, courtesy of Erin Peterson)

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